Tomus 23, num. 2 – JANURA, T. – ŠIMKOVIC, M. – FOTTOVÁ, E.: Hrad Divín vo svetle nových výskumov

Hrad Divín vo svetle nových výskumov

Historický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied v Bratislave,
Mgr. Michal Šimkovic s.r.o., Zvolen,
Archeologický ústav Slovenskej akadémie vied v Nitre

Divín Castle in the light of new research

Abstract: The lords of Lučenec probably founded the castle sometime at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. It belonged to their descendants until the end of the 15th century, when the Ongor family became the new owners. After 1512, the Balassa family became the new owners. Throughout the middle ages, Divín remained a small aristocratic castle called mantle type with simple fortification. Its significant expansion and improvement of the fortifications was associated only with Sigismund and John Balassa, when due to the Ottoman danger, the population of the Novohrad region had to participate in the modernization of Divín, according to the adopted laws. Despite this effort, the castle fell into the hands of the Ottomans in the years 1575–1593 and became the northernmost occupied castle in Hungary. After the conquest of the castle by Habsburg troops, Divín returned to the hands of the Balassa family, who in the 17th century took care of the expansion of the living space and planned further improvements of the fortifications.

Keywords: Divín castle, lords of Lučenec, Dezsőfi family, Balassa family, Ottomans.


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