Tomus 23, num. 1 – MESKO, M.: Hospodárske dejiny Horehronia v zrkadle historickej toponymie regiónu do konca 16. storočia

Hospodárske dejiny Horehronia v zrkadle historickej toponymie regiónu do konca 16. storočia

Privátny bádateľ, Banská Bystrica

Economic history of Horehronie as a mirror of the historical toponymy of the region until the end of the 16th century

Abstract: The main topic of the presented study is the analysis and localization of old terrain names of hills, valleys of streams and meadows belonging to the Horehronia area in the 16th century which reflected the economic activity of man. Traces of historical reality captured in historical toponymy may help complete the picture of Horehronie’s economic history in the early modern period. During that period, this region was a quite economically developed part of the monarchy due to the mining of precious metals, the center of which was the town of Brezno. The individual toponyms are classified according to type of economic activity: mining, technical equipment, road network, agriculture, pastoralism and hunting.

Keywords: Horehronie region, toponymy, early modern period, economic history.


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