Tomus 24, num. 2 – BAGI, Z. P.: A muster-list from town Krupina from year 1559

A muster-list from town Krupina from year 1559

Municipal Archive of Győr, Hungary

Abstract: After the first muster and thus the initial payment, wages of the recruited were handed out rather erratically, and each time they were mustered again by appointed muster officials. Konrad Wallen von Aurach’s report on Francis Bornemissza’s accusations concerning the Krupina payment issues provide a good picture on both the musters and the payment process, also on the possible or actual methods of mistreatment and fraud. Documents of this type are, unfortunately, quite rare, but through them we can improve our view on 16th century military organization and the everyday life of the recruited.

Keywords: muster register, organization of army, military ranks, Ottoman-Hungarian conflict, Krupina, Konrad Wallen von Aurach, Francis Bornemissza, John Krusich.


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