Tomus 23, num. 2 – RAMAČ, J. – MARČOKOVÁ, D.: Kánonická vizitácia kysáčskej evanjelickej cirkvi z roku 1835

Kánonická vizitácia kysáčskej evanjelickej cirkvi z roku 1835

Oddelenie slovakistiky a Oddelenie rusinistiky Filozofickej fakulty
Univerzity v Novom Sade, Srbsko

The canonical visitation of the Evangelical Church in Kysač from 1835

Abstract: In the historiography of Slovaks in Southern Hungary/Yugoslavia/ Serbia, an important place is given to monographs of individual settlements occupied by Slovaks in most or a significant number. The monograph on Kysač describes in detail the process of settling Slovaks, but much more modestly the wider context of their social and political life until the mid-19th century. About this period, a fair amount of data offers Hronika of local Evangelical a. c. Church by the author František Jesenský, but also this resource is underutilized. Also, practically as historical sources about the history of Kysač at the end of the 18th and in the first half of the 19th century, the records of canonical visitations from 1798, 1810, 1818, 1825 and 1835 remained unknown and unused. The aim of this paper is to, by publishing a record of the canonical visitation from 1835 in both the original Latin and Slovak translation, make available to researchers a resource, which provides a wealth of data from the economic and social life of this national and ecclesial community.

Keywords: Slovaks in Southern Hungary, Kysač, Evangelic a. c. Church in Kysač, canonical visitation, school.


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