Tomus 24, num. 2 – ДАНИЛЕЦ, Ю.: Поездка епископа Досифея (Васича) на Подкарпатскую Русь в июне 1924 г.

Поездка епископа Досифея (Васича) на Подкарпатскую Русь
в июне 1924 г.

Ужгородский национальный университет, Украина

Visit of Bishop Dositheus (Vasić) to Subcarpathian Rus‘ in June 1924

Abstract: Bishop Dositheus (Vasić) activities in Subcarpathian Rus‘ in June 1924 aimed to establish the Serbian Orthodox Church’s position and gain recognition from the Czechoslovak government. Prague was quite critical of the arrival of the Serbian delegate, and his movement was under constant control. Antennas recorded all statements of the bishop to the faithful. Gendarmes and the police tracked the routes of the bishop’s trips. During the visit, Bishop Dositheus held several meetings with Subcarpathian Rus‘ leadership, including the governor and vice-governor. Officials at least formally supported the bishop’s position, but in fact, had to follow government instructions. While in the autonomous region, the bishop visited some Orthodox villages, conducted services, and meetings with the clergy and the faithful. He called on the peasants to be loyal to the government, resort to violence against opponents, and act exclusively within the law. The results of the visit in June 1924 were contradictory. The bishop has achieved both positive and negative consequences.

Keywords: Orthodox Church, Subcarpathian Rus‘, Bishop Dositheus, Czechoslovak government.


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