Tomus 24, num. 2 – BÉREŠ, M.: Tibor Bohdanovský – politická osobnosť z Bohdanoviec

Tibor Bohdanovský – politická osobnosť z Bohdanoviec

Katedra spoločenských vied, Technická univerzita v Košiciach

Tibor Bohdanovský – political figure from Bohdanovce

Abstract: The paper discusses life of Tibor Bohdanovský – probably the most famous native of town of Bohdanovce in Košice – okolie district. On the other hand, among Bohdanovce’s inhabitants, he is almost unknown person. Tibor Bohdanovský (Tibor Schwarz) was born the son of Jewish innkeeper. Later he found himself in anti-Semitic regime and suffered of fascist oppression on territory of the then Hungarian kingdom during the second world war. After being captured by Soviet army, he joined Communist party of Czechoslovakia. In the post-war period he became active member of communist movement which came to power in 1948 and later he participated also in undemocratic policy of the regime, including persecution of kulaks – prosperous peasants. His identity is also very interesting part of the politician’s personality, since probably he denied his roots in order to secure his career. Since Tibor Bohdanovský was important part of totalitarian political environment during communist era in Czechoslovakia, his political career is definitely to be revealed and published.

Keywords: Tibor Bohdanovský, Tibor Schwarz, Communist party of Czechoslovakia, Communist party of Slovakia, collectivization, collective farming, anti-Semitism, kulak.


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